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Shiloh K-9 is proud to distribute Volhard Dog Nutrition Products

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Charlie Soap

Here at Shiloh K-9 we have tried so many different types of cleaners for our runs, kennels, crates, etc.. that for a while, we were wondering if we would ever find one that really worked like we needed it to.

Well we found one.  Charlie Soap.  Incredible stuff that works like a charm for all of our clean up needs.

It cleans the following:

    • kennels
    • concrete
    • Dog Crates
    • Stains
    • Dog Runs
    • Many Many more things as well.

It has some other wonderful qualities as well.  We use it to bathe our dogs, as it is bio-degradable, and won’t make them sick.  Just keep it out of their eyes and you are good to go.  We have found that it kills fleas and ticks on contact as well as ants, chiggers, wasps, bugs altogether.

Also above all, it eliminates dog odor.  This is important in house breaking, critical actually.  If you are here at our facility, you can get it from us, or use the amazon links above.  Try it!!  It is fantastic stuff!!

Here is their full line of products, as they also have laundry detergent as well, however for your dog use the indoor/outdoor multi surface cleaner.

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